Our Mission:

Bridge The Gap.

Currently less than 2% of venture capital is granted to women and founders of color. We provide underrepresented technology founders with seed funding, mentorship, and resources. Therefore, disrupting the tech industry and bridging the substantial gap of vc distribution.  

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Our Mission

Hillman is a top tier accelerator in Cincinnati, OH determined to lead the way for diversity and inclusion in the Midwest region. To do this we take a cohort of tech and tech enabled companies through our intensive program with: $100,000 in seed financing, mentorship, exclusive startup curriculum, real partnership opportunities, along with access to our nationwide network and more.

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Our Impact

Since our founding in 2017 we have . . .


Million dollars raised by our portfolio companies



Community Partners



Thousand dollars invested in startups by 2018

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Our Programs

Curriculum is developed to specially meet the needs of teams that are accepted into our cohort. Experienced EIRs and mentors meet regularly with founders to highlight strengths and create opportunities for growth and development.

At the end of the program we will host a Demo Day. This is when all the startups who complete the program present their products and services to selected audience of investors, corporate partners and press.

After Demo Day, teams are prepared to face the next phase...life after the accelerator. Each team will have a gameplan on how they will navigate the next 18 months of the company through raising, revenue, and team growth.


Provide access to capital resources
Facilitate national corporate connections
Leverage network to increase business


Business leaders with entrepreneurial experience
Start up "know how""
Human capital and financial management experience


Recruiting global talent
Fostering mentor relationships
Enriching knowledge via enhanced curriculum


Provide early stage seed capital
Provide opportunities for follow-on capital within the Jumpstart network
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Our Partners


October 2017

We don’t think there’s a pipeline problem. There’s no shortage of teams being formed by minority or women founders with great ideas. We think the problem lies in these teams’ accessing a community or support system to move their ideas forward,”

Candice Matthews, Executive Director of Hillman Acceleratort / Read Full Article


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Get Involved

Our team of experts are always looking for new talent,  partners, and collaborators.

Blk Hack

BLK hack is an event based network that is engaged in the latest business, technology news and curator of black digital culture. We are committed to innovating the digital business culture for black millennials while creating solutions for inclusion.

Workflow Wednesdays

A room full of hustlers. From marketers, designers, coders, and more. Join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month to educate, collaborate, and create.


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