The Hillman Class of 2018

Welcome our newest cohort!


First gay lifestyle, health and beauty brand in Latin America. 

The Home Team

The Home Team provides a platform that connects local service providers with customers who have labor request through an app. 


Viaggi delivers faster, safer Internet connectivity for residential, commercial, and enterprise customers.



PROOV is an in home progesterone test for fertility and ovulation tracking.


VisuWall is a physical to mobile ad platform. It's a marketplace of vacant storefront windows where advertisers can discover smart eye level media.


The Hillman Class of 2017

Meet our alumni of companies that have graduated from our program.


SoLo is the first mobile based low ­value lending exchange platform. SoLo's lenders profit interest based returns. SoLo's borrowers solve short­term cash needs while increasing their FICO credit score with timely repayments. 


Ilerasoft's software centralizes a health system's equipment data on one platform to improve FDA safety recalls. We have built a better way to link and match FDA Safety Recalls to relevant hospital inventory to identify defective medical equipment earlier and more accurately.


Warmilu is a non-electric warming technology company, specializing in manufacturing a safe, reusable heat pack called the InstaWarmer. The InstaWarmer is a durable and reusable heat pack, that can generate safely regulated warmth in seconds, with the simple click of the disk the pack begins to warm up, and stays warm for 3-6 hours.